For my Sewing for Fun Students - Sewing techniques and easy projects.

On this page you will find instructions for easy, small sewing projects and sewing techniques. 
Mostly for those new to sewing but also useful to refer to if you are more experienced.

If you want to make a copy of the instructions, just highlight the bits you need, right click and copy,
and then paste into a word document.
The instructions can then be printed.

Project No. 1. Make a Pretty Lavender Heart.
This is ideal for beginners and can be your very first make. It will help with cutting, machining and hand sewing skills.


Make a Pretty Lavender Heart.    

Copy and paste the above template into a word document
and resize as desired.

Cut out the paper pattern.
Take a piece of fabric, big enough to fit the pattern on when folded double.
Fold the fabric with the right side (patterned side) together
and pin the pattern on through both layers.
Cut around the pattern close to the edge of the paper.
Make a 5mm snip into the fabric at A and B.

Remove the paper pattern and pin the fabric pieces together.
Starting at snip A stitch down towards the point and continue all round to snip B. 
Reverse at start and end of stitching, leaving a gap between B and A.

Use the the machine foot as a guide, along the edge of the fabric
to keep a nice even seam.

Trim seam allowance at the bottom point, around the curves 
and into the V at the centre top.
This helps to make a nice shape when the heart is
 turned right side out.

Turn right side out through the opening. 
Push out the seam lines to make a neat heart shape and press
with a warm iron.

Stuff the heart with dried lavender buds, or wadding if preferred.
 Turn the raw edges of the opening inwards, pin together
 and slip stitch neatly to close.

Sew on a length of ribbon, and add a pretty button to finish
and hang up to be much admired!


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