Saturday, 3 March 2012

Calculating fabric requirements for curtains.

In my previous post I have shown how to make interlined curtains (available as a free download), but before you start making them you need to calculate how much fabric to buy.

When I make curtains for my commissions I use a series of calculations to work out the fabric requirements, which I have put together in easy, succinct, charts for my Adult Education students to use. (Not that they particularly need easy or succinct - there's just no point in making life complicated!!) 

A curtain commission awaiting collection, in my workroom

The five charts show how to:
  1. Calculate fabric requirements for lined or interlined curtains with a pencil pleat heading.
  2. Calculate the extra fabric you need to buy when using patterned fabric.
  3. Calculate the fabric requirements for lined or interlined curtains with triple, double or goblet pleated headings.
  4. Calculate the lining and interlining requirements.
  5. Record the cutting out and making up measurements.
Each chart gives the method to work out the calculations; shows an example, and has space for you to write in your own measurements and calculations.
They are available to download, for free,   here.

Please let me know how you get on if you use them for your curtain making.


SewGood said...
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natski said...

When I try to access these I get the message that the resource can't be found?

Debbie said...

Oh Dear another blip - or at least I hope so. I will try to get this fixed too. Sorry if anyone else has had problems.

Debbie said...

The 'blip' should be fixed now. Let me know if it isn't xx

Water Lily Wishes said...

Finding your blog comes at perfect timing as am about to have a go at making curtains so your post will come in handy.

Look forward to reading more

Amanda x
Water Lily Wishes

Adam Kaplan said...

Love this!

I work with AllFreeSewing and have been trying to contact you. Please email me if there is a good way to reach you. Thanks!

Adam Kaplan

Jill - And Sew We Go said...

HI, just found you blog, it's great, really clear tutorials.

Thank you


Lillian said...

This tutorial is so good however ive chickened out of the interlined as im a bit nervous about getting the interlining right as my window is so big its 10 foot wide. So ive used your calculations for my fabric lining and heading and done my joins on my fabric. Ive purchased bonded lining instead of interlining hoping to achieve the fullness i wanted without messing up the fabric im just not confident enough at sewing to try the interlining. Anyhow my question is really should i treat the bonded lining as i would regular lining ? Or should i treat it more like an interlined curtain doing my hems by hand on the fabric then attaching the bonded lining with a pyrimad stitch to the fabric? If i do the hems on the fabric by hand should i just pick up a few threads from main curtain in an attempt to minimize seeing the stitches from right side of the curtain? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Lillian

Debbie said...

hello Lillian
Thank you for reading my blog and for your question.

I don't use the bonded lining/interlining as I prefer to use a cotton interlining, and I have a feeling that the bonded-on interlining is polyester. But that is just a personal preference.

You have some enormous curtains to make!

If I was to make curtains with bonded lining this is what I would do:
Join all seams on lining and main fabric and press open. Press all side and hem turnings on the main curtain fabric with a double turning.(say 8cm on sides doubled to 4cm and 16cm on hem doubled to an 8cm hem) and press in the mitred corners. Then cut the bonded lining to exact size of finished curtain. Unfold pressed in sides and hem and match up the bottom edge of lining to the crease line that forms the bottom of the curtain, match the sides in the same way. You might want to interlock the two fabrics together at intervals down the length to keep them together.
Then refold all sides, corners and hem OVER the lining and slip stitch in place. The bonded lining will appear to be 'inserted' into the main curtain. Finish the heading as desired.

I hope this helps. Let me know how you get on.
Good Luck
Debbie xx

Lillian said...

Hi Debbie, thank you so much for both your advice and this tuitorial. I have my curtains made and hanging with the bonded lining and i have to admit given all the bad press about bonded lining they look absolutely fab! I cant believe i actually made them! I followed all the steps in thus tuitorial and adapted the end part to suit the bobded lining, thank you once again beautiful new curtains just in time for christmas! Lillian