Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Making an Interlined Curtain, with Handmade Pleated Heading - A Tutorial

My instructions for making interlined curtains
are available in this

There is quite a lot of it, 17 pages in all, but the instructions are very detailed,
 easy to understand, and are supported with clear photographs.

How to make interlined curtains with handmade double or triple pleat headings -
Do let me know how you get on, should you decide to use my instructions when making your curtains.

Deborah xx


Letticeleaf said...

Love it Debs! What a SUPERB tutorial...has anyone told you you should teach? Silly me... you do already AND I may say with style and panache.

Folks... if you need curtains made... LOOK NO FURTHER. If you desperately want to learn to sew... ditto.

Debs sorted me out... no mean feat! Even now as I sit and sew, her words come back to me. Her skills and patience have made me into a skilled seamstress.

Love the photos and clear, CLEAR instructions.


natski said...

Hi there,
I was trying to download your tutorial through the docstoc site and it says that I can't download it because of copyright protection on it. I find it really hard to read from the computer would you be able to send me a copy?
I really need a new set of curtains ad your tutorial seems to be just what I was after.
Thanks :)

Debbie said...

oops! Sorry you've had trouble. Thanks for letting me know, I will try to sort it out as soon as I can this evening. However, if you go to my website
http://prettygoods.co.uk you can contact me (from the contact page) and I'll have your email address then to send the copy to.

Debbie said...

I think everything is fixed now and you should be able to access the download.
Let me know if you are still having problems though. xx

Chiara said...

Thank you very much for joining my blog. I've given a look to your blogs too, and I'm very pleased I found you! They are full of intresting tips and ideas to do stuff. Thank you very much again!

Have a good day

polystyrene said...

Wonderful, clear tutorial.

Thank you!