Saturday, 3 March 2012

Calculating fabric requirements for curtains.

In my previous post I have shown how to make interlined curtains (available as a free download), but before you start making them you need to calculate how much fabric to buy.

When I make curtains for my commissions I use a series of calculations to work out the fabric requirements, which I have put together in easy, succinct, charts for my Adult Education students to use. (Not that they particularly need easy or succinct - there's just no point in making life complicated!!) 

A curtain commission awaiting collection, in my workroom

The five charts show how to:
  1. Calculate fabric requirements for lined or interlined curtains with a pencil pleat heading.
  2. Calculate the extra fabric you need to buy when using patterned fabric.
  3. Calculate the fabric requirements for lined or interlined curtains with triple, double or goblet pleated headings.
  4. Calculate the lining and interlining requirements.
  5. Record the cutting out and making up measurements.
Each chart gives the method to work out the calculations; shows an example, and has space for you to write in your own measurements and calculations.
They are available to download, for free,   here.

Please let me know how you get on if you use them for your curtain making.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Making an Interlined Curtain, with Handmade Pleated Heading - A Tutorial

My instructions for making interlined curtains
are available in this

There is quite a lot of it, 17 pages in all, but the instructions are very detailed,
 easy to understand, and are supported with clear photographs.

How to make interlined curtains with handmade double or triple pleat headings -
Do let me know how you get on, should you decide to use my instructions when making your curtains.

Deborah xx