Sunday, 2 January 2011

Introducing the first KITSCH AND STITCH Vintage and Maker's FAIR

Introducing the first 


Lin, of Letticeleaf fame, and myself are organising our first fair.

The Fair will be held in the pretty, historic and busy Wealden town of Cranbrook, Kent.

Lin and I are both avid crafters and collectors and have both had experience in  organising a variety of events and activities, individually, over the years.

With lots of successful fairs of a similar nature taking part in other parts of the country, we thought it was about time that Kent hosted it's own fair and we would like to introduce local, (and, maybe, not so local) sellers, makers and buyers to what we hope to be a regular twice yearly event.

Full details for sellers and makers requiring a pitch will be available on Saturday 14th January 2011 on it's own blog - Kitsch and Stitch.
We will welcome enquiries from local interest, and from further afield; sellers of genuine vintage goods and high-end makers/crafters only. 
No bought in crafts or repro. goods will be allowed.


The undomesticated scientist said...

could i be cheecky and ask where you get your lavender from? i had a little last year but that was harvested from a frinds lanvender plant.
Thanks.h (ps my knitting pins are now all snug and happy in their new roll and the apron was very handy over christmas! thanks once again)

Bowiegirl1982 said...

Oh boo! I'm sad I'm not in the country for this! I will keep an eye out for more events when I'm around though

Debs said...

Hi Heather
I'm glad you knitting needles are all snug! I get my lavender from two places, from Whitstable Lavender,Kent -
and from Castle Farm in Kent (who grow their own field full of it)
It's lovely stuff and lasts ages with just a squeeze now and then to refresh it. Not too expensive either.

Debs said...

Hi Bowiegirl (I'm a Bowie fan too). Yes it's a shame you will be on the high seas - I could see your work fitting in nicely!

WinnibriggsHouse said...

Hi Debs, First may I wish you luck with your fair, shame I am so far away.
I have to say my dressmaking would have been a non starter if I had to shop in large stores for my fabric. I tend to get most of mine from a little shop in Nottingham where they sell things like end of rolls of Paul Smith fabrics at ridiculous prices. They also have loads of jersey, at lot of rubbish but the occasional little gem. Other than that I buy at the NEC when I go to the Knitting and stitching show each spring and have been fortunate to find some great bargains there.
Jenny x

Lady Cherry said...

What a shame I found out about this too late. I hope it was a success. I am near Faversham so could have come along. x