Thursday, 23 September 2010

My Faithful Pfaff (and the benefits of it's IDT system)

I have had my Pfaff machine for nearly 15 years. It was a top-of-the-range model when I bought it and I have used it at least four times a week ever since. It is a Pfaff 7570, and came complete with an embroidery unit and a couple of cards of embroidery designs.

I love my machine, it has worked so hard making soft furnishings for myself and my clients, my clothes, my children's clothes, my stepdaughter's wedding dress and five bridesmaids dresses, all the items for my online shops and oh! loads more.

I have it serviced regularly, about once a year, and it has never (touch wood) needed a major repair. I don't hanker after a newer model as my beloved does everything I need.

I see lots of sewing machines in my job as a sewing tutor - everything from fabulous Janomes, to 1920's hand operated, straight stitch only Singers. Many of my students ask me to recommend a brand of machine for them to purchase but with so many out there it is hard to pick just one.

However, I would always recommend a Pfaff, particularly to the ladies I teach as I know it would suit the projects they have in mind. Janome machines come a close second, especially as you get a lot of machine for your money, and I am liking Juki's too.

What I love about Pfaff machines is the IDT system, a walking foot that is permanently attached to the machine, which can be engaged or disengaged as desired.

IDT, exclusive to Pfaff,  stands for Integrated Dual Transportation,.. but known as the only way to feed any fabric with no slippage on a sewing machine for absolute perfect stitching.

I use mine all the time, except when using specific feet that don't allow the dual feed to be used. As it is so narrow and fits neatly behind the foot, it can be used for making and attaching piping and zips: we all know how difficult it can be to stop the fabrics slipping against one another when sewing these, but when the IDT system is used they don't slip and you just get beautiful results.

The IDT is brilliant for matching patterns at seams, with no slippage or movement of the pattern, great at sewing velvets and other pile fabrics, and can manage several thick layers without a problem. You also get no puckering when sewing fine fabrics like silk or polyesters. In fact it makes machine sewing so easy.

Other machines do have walking feet attached, like the Janome 6600p with Acufeed, which is brilliant for quilting and preventing slippage between all the layers, but in my experience, can't be as versatile as Pfaff's IDT system, as the foot is so wide and cannot be used for getting close to piping and zips. Please let me know if any one knows differently!

You can also buy walking feet that you can attach to your machine instead of the usual feet, but these, although good, are quite bulky and do have limited uses.

So, if you are thinking of buying a sewing machine, this post may give you something to think about. What ever you do though, consider buying the very best machine that you can afford, as you will always be wishing you had!

And, despite loving my faithful Pfaff, I'm sure that if I won the lottery I'd go straight out and buy another top-of-the-range machine....another Pfaff,  of course!


Letticeleaf said...

I've fallen out of love with my Juki now! I want a sewing machine that doesn't need the tension adjusting, does as its told and quietly gets on with the tasks I've set it while I have a siesta. Don't s'pose you know of one like that? I now know why you're such a brill teacher it's the machine talking through you. Watch out computers are set to take over the world.
Pfaff power to the people!

Debs said...

I told you to get a Pfaff!!

prernatutors said...

hi i like the blog very much.

Rosie said...

And here I was thinking I was the only person left with a Pfaff 7570. Great to see another lover of this workhorse.

Debs said...

'Workhorse' is the right description, Rosie. What do you make with yours?

SueC56 said...

Thanks for your review and description of your Pfaff machine. Pfaff is definitely on my short list for next time I buy a machine. Thanks