Monday, 9 August 2010

Make a Frilled Cushion

Make this lovely rectangular cushion cover, trimmed with a deep frill of contrasting fabric and three big buttons. 

It's a very easy project and suitable for those with just a little experience on the sewing machine.

I have used a crisp Irish linen for mine, some new chunky buttons and a pretty printed vintage cotton for the frill.  

Velcro squares, under the buttons, fasten the cover, but you could make buttonholes if you can.

Materials required
Cut a piece of main fabric 34cm x 100cm (height x length),

and a piece 34cm x 12cm for the facing.

From a contrast fabric, for the frill, cut a 60cm x 20cm strip.

3 nice buttons to match.

A 6cm length of 2cm wide velcro - hook and loop.

A 33cm x 43cm rectangular cushion pad.

Step 1. Turning and pressing in the folds to shape the cover.

With WS (wrong side) facing turn in one end by 7cm and press. This is the facing for the velcro.
Turn over again by 15cm. The facing will now be inside. Press.

Turn the opposite end over by 35cm. Press the fold.

Step 2. Making and attaching the frill.

Neaten one long edge of the frill facing to prevent fraying, with a ziz-zag or overlocking stitch.

Fold the frill in half lengthwise, with RS (right side) inside. Stitch a 2cm seam down both short ends. Snip the corners to reduce bulk, turn RS out and press.

Loosen the top tension of the machine and increase the stitch length. 
Work two lines of straight stitching parallel to the raw edges. The first line 1cm from the edge, the second a little under 2cm. Leave the ends loose, don't reverse or tie off.

Gather the frill by gently pulling the bobbin threads with one hand, whilst carefully moving the fabric along the threads with the other hand. Gather from one end to the centre, then work from the other end.

Gather to 30cm. Arrange the gathers evenly. Secure the ends of the threads by winding them in a figure of eight around a pin at each end.

Place the frill along the raw edge of the front of the cushion. (The end that was pressed over by 35cm.)
Ensure that the RS of the frill is against the RS of the cover, and that each end of the frill is 2cm in from each edge.
Pin in place - if you put the pins in at right angles to the raw edges, you should be able to machine over them.
Reset the machine's tension and stitch length to normal and machine the frill to the cover on top of the 2nd line of gathering.
Trim all ends of threads, but leave the gathering threads in place.

Place the frill facing RS down onto the frill, matching up the raw edges. Pin and machine the facing in place with a 2cm seam.

Turn over the work so that the WS is facing you and press the seam flat towards the facing.
Turn it back over to RS facing and edge stitch the seam flat. Trim the seam allowance to 1cm.
Press facing down to the WS of the cover.

Step 3. Attaching the velcro.

Cut both sides of the velcro into 3 x 2cm squares.
From the WS of the work, find the centre of the frilled edge of the cover (not the frill), and mark with a pin.
Then measure and mark with pins, 7cm either side of the centre pin. You should have three positions now.
Stitch a square of velcro at each position, through both layers (frill facing and cover).

With RS outside, refold the cushion cover along the pressed in folds and match up the other velcro squares onto the under flap. Sew in place.

Step 4. Finishing the cover.

Fasten all velcro squares to form the cover. RS outside.

Now turn it through itself so that the WS is now outside. Re-fold to form an inside-out cushion cover, using the pressed in folds as a guide.

Pin and stitch both top and bottom edges with a 2cm seam. Take care not to catch the frill into the stitching. Neaten the edges to prevent fraying.

Undo the velcro and turn to the RS.
Sew buttons onto the top of the cover, by the frill, to hide the velcro stitching.

Insert the pad, press the velcro together to fasten, and give yourself a PAT ON THE BACK!
WELL DONE - you've made yourself a lovely cushion!


The Patchwork Heart said...

A lovely post Debs and yes very clear! Well done and good luck with the new blog :)
Heather x

Debs said...

Thank you Heather - though I don't know what I've let myself in for - while I'm on holiday I have the time!

Gracie's Garden Bazaar said...

What a lovely cushion and a very detailed and clear tutorial.I will definitely have a go..thank you,xxx