Monday, 16 August 2010

Cut Work Embroidery on the Sewing Machine

15 years ago I bought myself a new sewing machine, a top-of-the-range Pfaff 7570. It cost me a fortune, (then) and I thought it was the bee's knees! It came with a free embroidery unit and several day's tuition at the suppliers workshops.
I wanted it to pay for it's self, after all I bought it with some of my lump sum after I took ill health retirement from teaching. 
And it has, several times over. I have made my children's clothes on it, from when they were babies to now, for my 13 yr. old daughter. I have sewn clothes for myself, all the soft furnishings in the house and used it for my soft furnishings business and the handmade items I sell in my on-line shops.

15 years on and top-of-the-range machines sell for £5,000 plus. I don't need to buy one, I still love my faithful Pfaff but I am amazed at what sewing machines can now do!

This Bernina software and specialised cutting attachment will enable the machine to cut out patterns and shapes that you design yourself.

BERNINA CutWork Accessory - The new generation of cutting

BERNINA CutWork Accessory - The new generation of cutting

BERNINA CutWork Accessory and BERNINA CutWork 
Software take embroidery to a new level
Let your imagination fly!

There’s a new edge to creative sewing ... cutting! 
The BERNINA CutWork Accessory together with the BERNINA CutWork Software gives your BERNINA embroidery system the power to cut shapes, patterns and designs from single or multiple fabric layers. Cut sharp, crisp edges quickly and easily
Staying on the cutting edge can be sew much fun!

I don't think this is available in the UK yet - non of the UK sites seem to have any details, but is is available in the States.
However, I'm sure it will be possible to see it in action at the Knitting and Stitching Show in October.

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